Piano And Cello Duet

2012-04-29 07:28:14
唯美 轻柔


Brian Crain and the Soul of MusicEvery once in a while we are touched very deeply by beauty. Very rarely though have I found that rare music that is as inspiring and soothing as it is simple yet elegant, profoundly beautiful yet powerful. The compositions of Brian Crain are very special. I suspect that like other great works of the soul, they will live on for many years to come.After the death in January of my son Josh I was being crushed by an unimaginable deep sadness. Then one day I happened upon the long forgotten CDs and for some reason listened to them in their entirety. The music nearly overwhelmed me. The beauty of the music helped soften the sadness and was an incalculable comfort. I think this is the effect of the beauty that God has given the soul of one human to provide to the heart of another.Brian Crain is a young man with a wife and two small daughters from Hayden Lake, Idaho. He was born in Hollywood, California and grew up around the movie business that his father worked in. In his teens he was editing award winning movies. Then at the suggestion of his parents he recorded a grouping of his own compositions. The rest is as they say, history.He has gone on to become a star in South Korea were his first recording was promoted and he toured extensively. Now he is working to build a U.S. base of support with Bismarck being one of his favorite places to visit and make music. Visiting www.BrianCrain.com will allow you enjoy his special sound because you can download and enjoy numerous mp3 sample recordings. With a unique approach of personalized marketing and concerts he is slowly and methodically building for his future musical endeavors without the big music industry labels.When I asked him what questions he is never asked when interviewed that he would like to answer he responded with, "What are your future goals?", and his answer was "I'm always striving for a balance between my music career and my family life. I have two young daughters and want to spend as much time with them as I can. I know I only get one chance to see every moment of their life. Before I know it they'll be in college. I also want to write many more compositions and perform them for my fans. I don't desire fame, but in this business fame equals ticket sales." He also told me that, "My favorite song is the first song from my new album "Sienna." It's called "Song for Sienna" and it was written for my two year old daughter, Sienna."When the great Italian violinist Pagannini was about to perform once, he found that his prized violin had been stolen right before the show and replaced with one of much less quality. He had no choice but to play the inferior instrument. "Ladies and Gentlemen," he said, "I will now demonstrate to you that the music is not in the instrument but comes from the soul". To the amazement and joy of his audience they then understood as he played, giving them a glimpse of his soul.



01. Spring Waltz
02. Across the Bay
03. Andante Cantabile
04. Rolling Clouds
05. A Walk In the Forest
06. One Morning In June
07. Song for Sienna
08. Kindred Spirits
09. Andante Affettuoso
10. Butterfly Waltz
11. Early Light
12. Northern Sky
13. Moonrise
14. Lavender Hills
15. Tribute to Dax Johnson

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