Subtle longing,Subtle love

    I like the subtle fresh green budding from the branches of the tree ——the herald of spring, ushering in the dawn

    I like the subtle flow of cloud that makes the sky seem even more vast, azure and immense

    I like the subtle wind. In spring, it steals a kiss on my cheek; in autumn, it caresses my face; in summer, it brings in cool sweet smell; in winter, it carries a crisp chilliness

    I like the subtle taste of tea that last long after a sip. The subtle bitter is what it is meant to be

    I like the subtle friendship that does not hold people together. In stead, an occasional greeting spreads our longings far beyond

 I like the subtle longing for a friend, when I sink deeply in a couch, mind wandering in memories of the past

    Love should also be subtle, without enslaving the ones fallen into her arms. Not a bit less nor a bit more

    Subtle friendship is true; subtle greetings are enough; subtle love is tender; subtle longing is deep; subtle wishes come from the bottom of your heart



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