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波兰诗人Wislawa Szymborska《Love at first sight》

Love at First Sight

By Wislawa Szymborska

They 're both convinced  他们彼此都深信

that a sudden passion joined them. 是瞬间的激情让他们相遇。

Such certainty is beautiful,  如此的必然的确美丽,

but uncertainty is more beautiful still. 而偶然却更为美丽。

Since they'd never met before, they are sure 因为他们还从未谋面

that they'd been nothing between them. 所以他们确定彼此毫无关联。

But what's the word from the streets, staircases, hallways---  然而就在那街道,楼梯,走廊处

perhaps they've passed by each other a million times? 或许他们擦肩而过已经历了无数?

I want to ask them  我想问他们

if they don't remember---  难道不记得两人

a moment face to face in some revolving door? 在旋转门前面对面?

perhaps a "sorry" muttered in a crowd? 还有人群中含糊的一句“对不起”?

a curt "wrong number" caught in the receiver?--- 电话里短促的一句“打错了”?

but I know the answer.  其实我知道他们的答案。

No, they don't remember.  是的,他们不记得。

They'd be amazed to hear  他们定会诧异

that chance has been toying with them 缘分一直在和他们开玩笑

now for years.  岁月已经悄悄流逝。

Not quite ready yet  只因为尚未完全准备好

to become their Destiny,  他们的命运之神未来到,

it pushed them close, drove them apart, 他们一会儿被拉近,一会儿被分开,

it barred their path, stifling a laugh, 命运就如此这般阻挡他们的路,却还在一旁默默地窃笑,

and then leaped aside.  之后便跳到了一旁。

There were signs and signals,  有一些征兆和暗示,

even if they couldn't read them yet. 纵使他们仍不明。

Perhaps three years ago  也许三年前

or just last Tuesday  或者就在上个星期二

a certain leaf fluttered  有某片叶子在飞舞

from one shoulder to another?  经过了你也掠过了我?

Something was dropped and then picked up, 有个东西掉落了又被拾起,

who knows, maybe the ball that vanished 可谁晓得,也许正是那个球,

into childhood's thickets?  消失在童年的灌木丛?

There were doorknobs and doorbells 还有那无数的门把和门铃

where one touch had covered another  你我都曾抚摸过


Suitcases checked and standing side by side. 两只检查过的手提箱平行摆放在两旁。

One night, perhaps, the same dream, 同一晚,也许有过同样的梦,

grown hazy by morning.  清晨来时已淡忘。

Every beginning,  每个开始,

is only a sequel, after all,  毕竟仅是个延续,

and the book of events  真正丰富多彩的那本书

is always open halfway through.  往往起点在中间。


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